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        SEPCOIII lists in several China foreign contracted projects and ranks at the top of the list

        2020-7-17 17:15:21

        Recently, the 2020 Development Forum of China's Foreign Contracted Engineering Industry was held in Beijing. During this period, according to the performance of its member enterprises, China Chamber of Foreign engineering contractors released the top 30 list of foreign contracting engineering enterprises in transportation, power, housing construction and Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe markets in 2019, ranked the top 100 foreign contracting enterprises, and released the list of A-level Enterprises for foreign contracting projects in 2020, and SEPCOIII was listed on the list, which fully demonstrates the overseas performance and strength of SEPCOIII.

        As a forerunner of “the Belt and Road” and leader of the national "go out"strategy, SEPCOIII has been looking at the global market, working hard, fighting hard and forging ahead with the philosophy of "practice, theory and practice". It has a unique road of development from small to large, from weak to strong, reform and innovation, and constantly surpassing. SEPCOIII has developed for many years in 25 countries and regions. It has contracted more than 50 overseas large-scale power projects and seawater desalination projects by EPC, and has become an international well-known EPC general contractor for power stations and desalination projects.