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        Guangzhou Zengcheng Project completes the installation of Unit 2 gas turbine proper

        2020-6-27 17:02:08

        On June 26, Guangzhou Zengcheng Project completed the installation of Unit 2 gas turbine proper, which passed the ECC joint inspection and signed successfully, marking another important milestone of the project.

        On June 18, the project completed the gas turbine lubricating oil and control oil flushing successively. On June 22, the water injection experiment of the gas turbine inlet water washing device was completed. On June 23, the restoration of the lubricating oil jacking and sealing oil system was completed and on June 25, the unit debugging of the jacking oil system was completed. As of June 26, gas turbine lubricating oil system, gas turbine jacking oil system, gas turbine control oil system, gas turbine sealingoil system, gas turbine secondary air cooling system, gas turbine water system, gas turbine generator hydrogen module system, gas turbine proper installation have been joint inspected and accepted one-time by the owner, supervision and manufacturers, and complete ECC signature successfully.

        The signing of the gas turbine ECC joint inspection marks the successful completion of the installation of the gas turbine proper and the official start of the commissioning of the body unit.